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Photo Puzzle

Cut your favourite picture into tiny little pieces—but in a good way. Give the unique gift of a custom jigsaw puzzle made from your photo. A storage box with a matching photo cover is included.

  • 30 pieces. Size: 9.5”x7”
  • 110 pieces. Size: 9.5”x7”
  • 252 pieces. Size: 10.5”x13.5”
  • 504 pieces. Size: 21.25”x15.75”
  • NEW! 1000 pieces. Size: 17.33”x26.77”
  • NEW! 1500 pieces. Size: 35.68x23.75”
  • Storage Box with Photo

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Ideal for family game nights, couples' date nights or as thoughtful gifts for special occasions, our custom photo puzzle is designed to deliver joy and create enduring memories. Turn your favourite photo into a delightful challenge with our custom jigsaw puzzle, creating a tangible memory that brings pleasure with every piece.


Each puzzle arrives with a storage box featuring a matching photo cover, ensuring your puzzle remains organised and safeguarded. Experience the joy of assembling your own custom photo puzzle. With top-quality pieces available in various sizes, it's a perfect activity for both children and adults. It's more than just a puzzle, it's an opportunity to relive cherished memories with every piece you place. Place your order today and let the fun of puzzle-solving commence!